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Travel the world, meet other people, races, religions and their traditions, see with your own eyes the things you've only heard about.. Sleeping under the fairy skies, and that's kind of a cool experience... All this things could be the reasons why someone starts taking pictures. I have to admit that my choice to take photos does not have such a "noble" beginning, it was an alternative rather. I discovered this wonderful "tool" a bit more later. I was born like a painter, one of those who believe that if someone has a talent he does not need to practice! For me it's was very comfortable idea. The truth is that i never seriously dedicated myself to painting even if local professors and painters pushing me forward, i had other priorities and over time i completely abandoned painting. After the war in the Balkans was ended i started to move from the country to country, and it was like an "officially start" of a turbulent series of experiences. Many of these, though difficult, have proved to be essential for my personal growth, while to some, I still have not managed to make sense.  My lifestyle was far from doing photography because at the time i was not able to deal with it.  I think that just my early experience of life was engine who gave me the curiosity and desire for photographic research that otherwise would be very trivial. For the moment I do all kinds of photography, it's a kind of research for the union among the profoundly different subjects that  from the different perspectives describe the same theme. There's so many things in common between the landscape of a wheat field and a portrait of an old lady.  I live in Italy for the past several years In this moment i work like the audio - video technician and most of the photos taken, were made during work or some coffee break. I also won some competition and this gave me a lot of motivation to continue research for the refinement of my own personal style.